14_gtk_konf_140403_064Sustaining Sustainabilities takes its title from the ongoing battle to not only recognise the significance of the arguments surrounding sustainability, but the need to celebrate and maintain those commitments to sustainability. It is vital that future developments do sustain the sustainable.

We realise that the arguments are many and varied, routed in different theoretical and practical approaches. We want this conference to be a venue for airing those approaches, celebrating their successes and establishing the processes that were used internationally, nationally and locally.

Our sub-title suggests a focus for the conference within these debates on sustainability. We would like to hear about sustainability is working – or not – within the field of cultural heritage. We have tried to open debate of cultural capital and cultural capitals, allowing both the social and the institutional to emerge. Cultural heritages have emerged in many forms and we want to add our presence to hearing these voices.

Papers can be drawn, not necessarily exclusively from the following areas:   tourism, hospitality, gastronomy, festivals, events, attraction and destination management.

We will welcome papers from academics and practitioners, remembering that there are academics who practice and practitioners who adopt academic positions.

We will create an environment which encourages open discussion, with plenary, panel and round table sessions. We would encourage participants to come prepared not only for their own presentations but to join in the formal and informal discussions.