img_0050During its colourful history, the university has always responded flexibly to the manifold challenges and needs of society, offering internationally competitive quality education and research opportunities besides functioning as an active contributor to the economic, scientific, and cultural development of the region. Several prestigious awards attest the continuous and dynamic development of the University of Pannonia and prove its commitment to quality education, research, exemplary student services and societal engagement. Therefore, one can proudly and rightfully claim that the University of Pannonia produces, promotes and cultivates scientific knowledge, functions as the guardian and mediator of cultural values, creates quality and builds the spirit of universitas, and also opens new horizons for the educational, research and student community not only in the region, but also at national and international level.

Independent Institution of Economics was established in 2003 at the University of Pannonia. It was the progenitor of the recent Faculty of Business and Economics which was first in the country, received the Higher Education Quality Award in 2008 in the category of Organisation Unit. With this honouring award the Faculty was recognised as the best in Hungary reaching outstanding result in the complex evaluation of education activity, research performance, value creating processes and in the services provided to clients – students, partner organisations and companies. In January of 2014 the Faculty reached an important milestone; it become a member of the AACSB International (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business). Membership is a valuable resource of the development of the Faculty, making international contacts and world-wide reputation. The accreditation means competitive advantage, which influences our Faculty’s market position, members, staff and students as well.

The Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Pannonia is recognised as a constantly growing and important intellectual centre in the Transdanubia region and contributes to the functioning and improvement of the public and civil society with its high quality education research and development activities.

Recommended accommodation:

Villa Medici:

Single room: 87 € (27400 Ft)

Double room: 91 € (28500 Ft)

Oliva Hotel:

Single room: 55 € (15900 Ft)

Double room: 62 € (17900 Ft)

Triple room: 77 € (22300 Ft)


Single room: 24 €

Double room: 32 €


Transport opportunities:

Budapest, Liszt Ferenc International Airport – Veszprém (one way, max. 7 passengers): 180 EUR

Vienna, Vienna International Airport – Veszprém (one way, max. 7 passengers): 150 EUR

Budapest, Liszt Ferenc International Airport – Veszprém (one way, max. 3 passengers): 130 EUR

Vienna, Vienna International Airport – Veszprém (one way, max. 3 passengers): 125 EUR

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