06.00 pm     Welcome reception
  9.00 am      Registration
10.00 am      Opening ceremony
10.30 am      Plenary session – Tamara Rátz
11.30 am      Presentation
12.00 am      Lunch
01.30 pm      Session I. / II. (see session details below)
03.00 pm      Coffee break
03.30 pm      Session
07.00 pm      Wine tasting
09.00 am      Plenary session – Lorenzo Cantoni
10.30 am      Coffee break
11.00 am      Session I. / II. (see session details below)
12.30 pm      Lunch
02.00 pm      Walking tour in Veszprém
07.30 pm      Gala dinner
09.00 am       Round table discussion with the keynote speakers
11.00 am       Trip to Balaton Uplands

The conference fee is 160 €, which contains the participation on the welcome reception, keynote speeches, parallel sessions, roundtable discussion, wine tasting, walking tour, lunches, coffee breaks and the gala dinner.

Consumer Behaviour Thursday 01:30-03:00 pm
Ngo Thai Hung Study of the Satisfaction of international tourists in Saigon-HCM
Jiří Vaníček Comparison of opinions of catering establishment managers and visitors considering                                                their attitude to culinary tourism
Martin Zsarnoczky Effects of silver economy on european tourism
Krisztina Keller Let’s relax a lot quickly! – Changing tourism trends in our accelerated world
Eszter Madarász – Zsófia Papp Cultural customer behaviour of Hungarian university students
Zsófia Papp – Petra Gyurácz-Németh Museum visitors in Hungary
Marketing management Thursday 03:30-05:00 pm
Martin Falk – Eva Hagsten Measuring the impact of the European Capital of Culture programme on overnight stays:                               Evidence for the last 20 years
Domissiane Tawakali Management of tourist attractions in Northern Halmahera as a place for world travel
Diana Veríssimo How to manage seasonality: hotels strategies and practices
Judit Sulyok Who has murdered Károly Heltai? – Marketing Cultural Heritage by Storytelling
Ágnes Raffay – Viktória Krémer Marketing communication of museum pedagogy programmes
Sustainable culture 1 Thursday 01:30-03:00 pm
Wai Chun Choy, Monica; Ken Kamoche Toward China-Africa tourism in the context of a new economic engagement
Mehdi Asai Evaluation of Urmia Art tourism with emphasize on Creative tourism
Kántor Szilvia Resurgent cultural heritages- A case study of the Great Synagogue in Budapest
Mohamed Ahmed Malaka Damat Rüstem Pasha Khans in Istanbul: A study of the architecture history
Stepanova Svetlana Victorovna Cross-border social and cultural space in the North-West of Russia: tourism and culture
Alan Clarke Sustaining the Sustainable: Valuing the Valuable
Sagar Karki Future of tourism in himalayan country Nepal
Sustainable culture 2 Thursday 03:30-05:00 pm
Elimdar Bayramov – Tamara Rátz Factors of cultural and political sustainability in Azerbaijani tourism                                                                                  as perceived by the Hungarian market
Patlapa Buddalerd Backpacker tourism and cultural tourism Wat Thungsri Muang Ubonratchathani Thailand
Abhishek Sharma Child Marriage in Nepal Even When it is illegal
Samshad Nowreen Exploring the Feasibility of Sustainable Tourism in the Coastal Areas of Bangladesh
Katalin Lőrincz Sustainable tourism in urban destination: case studies of ECoC cities
Jiří Vaníček The significance of cultural tourism for the Czech Republic
Sustainable development 1 Friday 11:00-12:30 am
Peter Wiltshier Health and welfare as metaphors for community development through tourism
Jiří Vaníček Current forms of destination management in South Bohemia
Ralph Wahnschafft – FU Jia The role of electric mobility for sustainable local transport in tourist destinations:                                           Options for cultural and natural heritage sites
Marta Drozdowska Cuisine as a tourist product – Polish case
Katalin Ásványi – Melinda Jászberényi The effects of the festivals in the light of sustainability
Dorottya Bodnár – Melinda Jászberényi- Katalin Ásványi Sustainability in museums of Budapest,  an exploratory research
Sustainable development 2 Friday 11:00-12:30 am
Krisztina Keller Development challenges of a local product based thematic route –                                                                             The case of the 4 Towers project
Jay Stephen Siy The CSR practices of Wizz Air and Ryanair: balancing growth and sustainability                                                              in the air travel business
Niroscia Pagano Conservation and valorisation of “Auteur Hotels”: the case of Luigi Orestano
Flórián Strack Sustainable medical wellness: a case study of Hungarian medical hotels
Aysel Oflazoglu A cultural bridge between centuries: Ertuğrul Gazi Commemorating Ceremony                                                          and Söğüt Festival